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Micro frontends heavily integrated with tramvai framework


  • Root App - usual tramvai application constructed with createApp from @tramvai/core. It can connect with many Child Apps
  • Child App - external microfrontend constructed with createChildApp from @tramvai/child-app-core. It is loaded by Root App and provides some external functionality


  • Child App can be developed independently from Root Apps in another repo
  • High integration with DI, including isolated DI container and child -> root communication
  • Child App is isolated from Root App and can only communicate with Root App through special channels (mainly through DI)


Usage of envs

Child-app cannot control the environment variables and therefore should not use token ENV_USED_TOKEN at all. If you try to specify ENV_USED_TOKEN provider you will get error in development mode and in prod mode it will just be ignored.

Controlling of the envs content should be fully delegated to the Root App itself. Child App can only use final values through ENV_MANAGER_TOKEN or any other options that passes data from Root App to Child App.