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Streaming Rendering

Full Streaming Rendering is partially supported by tramvai framework.

Streaming can significantly improve TTFB metric, but have some disadvantages:

  • Require completely different framework architecture
  • Performance overhead for Streams (10-20% slower rendering time)
  • After first byte is sended, impossible to make server redirect or change response headers

For better new React 18 Suspense SSR features support, you can switch from renderToString to renderToPipeableStream API, with token REACT_SERVER_RENDER_MODE.

With renderToPipeableStream tramvai still waiting commandLineRunner and page Actions before send HTML to client, the main difference is Suspense support: first chunk of HTML will contain application shell (usual rendering result with fallbacks for suspended components), and next chunks will have code to resolve suspended components.

Deferred Actions is based on this feature.

How to use renderToPipeableStream


Experimental feature

import { REACT_SERVER_RENDER_MODE } from '@tramvai/tokens-render';

const provider = provide({
useValue: 'streaming',