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Documentation overview

Tramvai is a lightweight web framework for building SSR applications with a modular system and DI to quickly extend the functionality of applications.

This documentation describes the capabilities and features of the framework, contains tutorials on creating applications on tramvai, popular recipes and detailed API descriptions.

First steps

For the first acquaintance with the framework, it is recommended to take a lesson Create tramvai application


For a detailed introduction to the framework, you can complete a tutorial where you will create a Pokedex application

Deep dive

You can get acquainted with the concepts that underlie the framework in the section Concepts


You can learn more about the capabilities of the framework in the section Features

Jedi tricks

Guides and recipes for solving the most popular tasks are located in the section How-to

API references

The framework API reference, documentation for built-in modules and libraries are located in the section API

Tramvai CLI

Documentation for Tramvai CLI is on the page CLI