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Other errors

Other errors that may happen during development or using of the tramvai app.

Mismatched dependencies version

Most of the tramvai dependencies must have the same version. Here you can read more details about versioning in tramvai.

If some of your dependencies have mismatched versions it may lead to myriads of different errors.

Here is non-exhaustive list of possible errors that comes from mismatched versions:

  • Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'token' in undefined


To prevent these errors from happening prefer to use tramvai update/add commands over bare package-manager usage for installing/updating tramvai related packages.

If you've already faced these errors you can run command tramvai-check-versions to validate if you have mismatched dependencies. If you've got any errors then you have next options to do:

  • if your current local changes led to error, consider reverting your changes related to dependencies and use tramvai update/add commands to make changes.
  • resolve conflicts manually i.e. make changes that will lead to the same versions of tramvai related dependencies
  • if suggestions from above didn't help please report the issue to tramvai-dev team