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Allow to analyze app output bundle

See what is got bundled

The special webpack plugin webpack-bundle-analyzer able to show every modules get bundled

For running analyze

npx tramvai analyze APP_ID

After that app will be built in prod mode and a new tab in browser will be opened

Figure out why dependency got bundled

With that can help utility whybundled that parses the webpack stats.json file and can show the reason why dependency has been added to bundle

Run next command

npx tramvai analyze APP_ID --plugin whybundled

After that a special version of stats.json can be found inside outputClient directory. The exact path will be showed in your terminal

Next, you can run whybundled to resolve reasons:

npx whybundled ./dist/client/stats.json debug

# what dependencies were bundled because of the `debug` package
npx whybundled ./dist/client/stats.json --by debug

See more options in the whybundled docs

Research your bundle stats

One of the options is to use statoscope plugin to analyze your bundle.

Statoscope is a toolkit for analyzing (with a UI-based report) and validate stats of your bundle.

# generates result json file
npx tramvai analyze APP_ID --plugin statoscope

When the command is finished, pass the result file to tool.