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Set of helpers for using playwright in the integration tests

Playwright should be installed separately


npm install --save-dev @tramvai/test-pw



Create file playwright.config.ts with defaults from @tramvai/test-pw package:

import { createPlaywrightConfig } from '@tramvai/test-pw';

export default createPlaywrightConfig();

You can always extend default config, here is createPlaywrightConfig type definition:

// passed configuration object will be merged with defaults
type createPlaywrightConfig = (config: PlaywrightTestConfig) => PlaywrightTestConfig;



Use case for this section and startAppFixture - monorepo with many tramvai modules and example applications, where you need to test independent features.

All usage of startAppFixture in different workers will run development build, which might not be optimal for tests execution time, if you want to test the same app in different cases.

For real applications, prefer to run application once as web server or manually and pass baseUrl after.

@tramvai/test-pw provide a useful fixture for application start (local server in development mode) and testing - startAppFixture. This fixture use startCli method from @tramvai/test-integration package.

First, you need to add and configure this fixture for application tests:

import path from 'path';
import { test as base } from '@playwright/test';
import type { StartAppTypes } from '@tramvai/test-pw';
import { startAppFixture } from '@tramvai/test-pw';

type TestFixture = {};

type WorkerFixture = {
app: StartAppTypes.TestApp;
appTarget: StartAppTypes.AppTarget;
startOptions: StartAppTypes.StartOptions;

export const test = base.extend<TestFixture, WorkerFixture>({
appTarget: [
// provide application name and directory
target: 'appName',
cwd: path.resolve(__dirname, '..'),
{ scope: 'worker', auto: true, option: true },
// any `startCli` parameters
startOptions: [{
env: {
}, { scope: 'worker', auto: true, option: true }],

app: startAppFixture,

Then, use the app object in integration tests:

import { expect } from '@playwright/test';
import { test } from './test-fixture';

test.describe('examples/app', async () => {
test('Navigation is visible', async ({ app, page }) => {
await page.goto(app.serverUrl);


You can find more info about app object in our Testing Guide