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Set of React Hooks



Makes shallow equal check for passed argument. If current argument is equal to previous then result of the hook will not be changed. Otherwise it will be equal to a current argument.

import { useEffect } from 'react';
import { useShallowEqual } from '@tinkoff/react-hooks';

export function Cmp({ obj }) {
// obj - some object
// objRef - reference to object. For example, if reference obj were changed after sequential render,
// but it still shallow equals to initial obj then objRef will reference to the initial obj ссылка на объект obj
const objRef = useShallowEqual(obj);

useEffect(() => {
// React checks deps with reference equality that may lead to unnecessary hook call when reference were changed
// but we care only about actual changes to object itself not reference
// in that case objRef will not lead to effect call in case new reference is shallowly equal to previous
}, [objRef]);


Use useLayoutEffect in universal code without React warnings