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css-loader plugin which generates short css class names. Details in the article


Install using yarn

yarn add --dev @tinkoff/minicss-class-generator

or npm

npm i --save-dev @tinkoff/minicss-class-generator


Define options localIdentName и getLocalIdent for css-loader config inside your webpack config:

loader: 'css-loader',
options: {
modules: {
getLocalIdent: createGenerator(),
localIdentName: '[minicss]',

For localIdentName it is possible to pass any template which is accepted by css-loader. E.g. if you want to add the origin filename and the className pass [name]__[local]_[minicss] as localIdentName

How does it work

Plugin generate unique key for a className using formula ${order}${contentHash} where contentHash is a hash of the source file content and order - ordered key of class definition inside source file. Using contentHash from source allows to generate less unique string and allows to reuse the same contentHash for every className that leads for better data compression with gzip/brotli. Using order helps sustain uniqueness for every className in single source file.


file: Button.css
file: Button.css