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How to update tramvai version?

Most of the libraries in the tramvai repository are combined into a common versioning - these are core packages, tram modules and tokens. This makes it much easier to upgrade tramvai to a specific version.

Detailed documentation is available in the Release section

The cli command tramvai update has been developed to update packages. This command updates the versions of all @tramvai/* and @tramvai-tinkoff/* dependencies in the application, and tries to deduplicate the lock file, adjusting to the package manager being used. Migrations are also triggered.

The cli command tramvai add <packageName> is developed to install packages. This command sets the specified @tramvai/* or @tramvai-tinkoff/* dependency of the desired version in the application, and tries to deduplicate in the lock file, adjusting to the used package manager. Migrations are also triggered.

Upgrading to a latest version

tramvai update by default use latest:

tramvai update

Upgrading to a prerelease version

tramvai update prerelease

Upgrading to a specific version

Third argument allows you to specify the version range or exact version:

tramvai update ^1


tramvai update 1.0.0

Installing the new tramvai package in the app

tramvai add <packageName> by default installs the package to dependencies:

npx tramvai add @tramvai/module-router

The --dev flag will install the package to devDependencies:

npx tramvai add @tramvai/test-unit --dev

Checking tramvai versions in the app

The utility @tramvai/tools-check-versions has been created to automatically check the synchronization of tramvai versions. To check, you need to run the command:

yarn tramvai-check-versions